Our mission

We strive to develop innovative therapeutics, to eliminate cancers, and prevent recurrence.
We aim to provide better and more accessible treatment options to diverse patient populations around the world.
We fight every day because we know patients do too.

Confront Challenging Conditions

Adaptive therapeutics for multiple indications.

Maximize Benefit of Local and Regional Delivery

Increased efficacy through targeted treatment.

Patients First

Drug design inspired by the patient experience

Streamlined Solution-Focused Research and Development

Honing imaginative thinking into accessible products

PRV Platform Technology

Transforming innovation to hope through action.

The PRV™ platform enables targeted therapy while avoiding systemic toxicity to provide a safer, less invasive alternative to currently available treatments”
The PRV™ system is available in multiple dosage forms. Formulations include topical and intraoperatively administered patches and hydrogels.

The lead indication for PRV111 is head and neck cancer. Others include:

  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Cervical/Vaginal Cancer
  • Anal Cancer
  • Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma

PRV111 stablizes drug compounds and using polymer technology delivers them locoregionally to maximize potency and minimize toxicity.

The PRV™ system is currently used for locoregional treatment of cancerous tumors and precancerous lesions of the oral cavity. Additional formulations and treatment strategies comprising compounds for other cancers and indications outside of oncology are under development, with promising results.


The lead indication of the PRV System is oral cancer, followed by intra-operative chemotherapy and HPV-induced cancers. Privo’s Phase II clinical study on oral cancer is near completion and on track to meet its primary endpoint


Privo is excited to work closely with its collaborators at the FDA, the NCI and the NIDCR.
Privo Technologies has received over $11M in nondilutive funding from these institutions in support of its product development and clinical trial.


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